M-Box Professional

M-Box Professional is a prebuilt cloud hosted solution, ideal for the small business owners who want to solve immediate business challenges and manage their organization the smart way. The only complete solution that provides a true metadata-driven architecture helping you with:

  • Content Management
  • Information Management
  • Business Process Automation 

M-Box Professional helps you take control of:

version-history Version Control

The number of versions of a document increases each time we exchange or modify a document.

With M-Box the document is stored in one place and can only be modified by one user at a time.

M-Box version history enables you to keep track of  and compare changes to the document.

security-2 Security

There are several security issues associated with document sharing – emails can be intercepted or hacked and your file sits on someone else computer, memory stick, or network. Did you ever wonder what happens to your business document once you have sent it to 10 recipients? Do you know for sure that the document is stored in a safe place?

With M-Box your documents are safe and secure.



M-Box is a pre-built cost effective cloud solution for South African Businesses, designed by

VM Consulting

and  powered by


Managing documents & information by what they are and not where they are.

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